We Created A Wall Mounted Canopy For Trinity Medical Group!

wall mounted canopy near Orlando

Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we believe that functionality and effectiveness do not need to compromise aesthetic designs. For us, our passion is about bringing this belief into reality through immaculate design in our architectural products. Today, we’d like to share with you our collaboration with Trinity Medical Group. We helped them make their space more efficient with a wall mounted canopy. Trinity Medical Group helps many patients in the Orlando area, and we are proud to have collaborated with these fantastic medical professionals that help keep Orlando residents happy and healthy.


More About Trinity Medical Group

Trinity Medical Group is made up of medical professionals and has locations in both Lakeland and Winter Haven in the Greater Orlando area. They recognize that each patient is different, and their conditions are unique, thus requiring personalized treatments and care to ensure that everyone walks out of their doors feeling confident in their well-being. For them, it’s all about seeing you as a person and an individual, not just as another appointment. Their skilled physicians see patients regularly to continue meeting their needs, ensuring long-term progress on one’s health. They treat both acute conditions as well as long-standing health concerns and emphasize prevention for future cases to ensure that once a patient is healthy, they have better odds of staying healthy, especially during seasons where viruses spread quickly.


What is a Wall Mounted Canopy?

Similar to an awning, a canopy is an architectural piece that provides cover and shade from the sun, rain, and other forms of weather. How a canopy differs is through its shape and how it connects to the building itself. Canopies are more flexible in design than awnings, can be applied in more dynamic shapes and eject farther from the building to cover more areas. In many cases, canopies are kept relatively short but will cover the entire side of the building and potentially other sides as well, usually depending on where the doors are located. This means they often provide more coverage than awnings, and they also tend to have a more modern appearance as well. As such, they are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. When mounted to the wall, canopies will either be flat or curved and are suspended from the building with hanger rods, as well as feature an internal gutter system to prevent the accumulation of water. For Trinity Medical Group, we are glad to have provided such a piece as it will help provide more shade and coverage for patients entering and exiting the building. Staying dry and warm is important while on the path to recovery, after all, so we believe many will benefit from this added coverage for years to come.


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