We Point Out When It Is Time To Replace Your Fabric Awning

Fabric Awning in Orlando

Architectural products are the external features that a building can have. These products can serve a number of different functions that all contribute to making a building and the space around it comfortable, safe, and appealing to the eye. We at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC of Orlando believe that every building can have products that can be as beautiful as they are functional. This includes the common feature known as the fabric awning. When it comes to awning companies, the fabric is one of the most common products sold, as the fabric can feature a number of unique designs while the product as a whole lends itself to a classic look. That said, these awnings don’t last forever, so it’s important to recognize when its time to replace them. 


When to Replace an Awning

When the topic of replacing an awning is brought up, there are two main reasons one might assume that an awning would need to be replaced. The first reason is when the fabric is worn down and looks unappealing. The second reason is when the awning is completely damaged. Both of these are true, as breakage typically leads to replacements. That said, there are a few other reasons to consider getting a new awning:

  • New Business Name
    • Many awnings may feature the name of the company or brand on the fabric of the awning. If your business has had its name changed, then it’s time to replace the awning with a more accurate fabric.
  • New Ownership
    • Did you just purchase an existing business? If so, you might end up changing things about the brand that reflect new values you might have for the establishment. In this case, it’s a good idea to retire the existing awning in favor of a new one.
  • Grand Reopenings
    • Are you celebrating a grand reopening? A fresh, new awning can be the perfect way to show off your new brand and the identity of your business from the outside and gain attraction from a wider audience.


Why Consider a Fabric Awning at All?

Not sure whether or not an awning is the right choice for your business? Awnings are one of the most popular architectural products and for good reason. These classic features are a simple addition to cover doorwaysprotecting your guests from the sun and weather as they enter or exit your establishment. Awnings also are great to have above the windows of your building. Not only does the appearance look classic and appealing, but awnings will also limit the sunlight that gets magnified through your windows. This will inadvertently keep your building cooler in the warmer months and actually save you money on your power bill. 


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A fabric awning is a great addition to the exterior of your building. Whether you don’t have any awnings yet or need to replace some older awnings, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is one of the best awning companies across the Orlando area. To learn more about our products, you can contact us today to get the information you seek.