What is ACM Cladding?

what is ACM material at orlando

Have you ever heard of ACM Cladding? What is ACM Material? Cladding is the outer layer of a building’s exterior fixtures. This is true for many different types of buildings, such as apartment complexes or commercial buildings. It’s used for added insulation and weather protection, but can also be an aesthetic choice to enhance the space around your building. There are many different kinds of materials you can choose from, such as polyurethane (also referred to as PU). We at Sundance Architectural Products LLC are one of the best awning companies in Orlando and have helped many clients make the best choice when it comes to exterior metal wall panels. For us, we believe this is ACM, or an aluminum composite panel.


More about Aluminum Composite Materials

ACM is comprised of two, thin panels. These panels are made from aluminum that is bonded to a non-aluminum center–the core. These are common choices for building materials nowadays, and you can find them all over Orlando. Some facts about ACM include:

  • There are different color choices
    • There are almost 40 different color choices you can select by default with the option to add your own custom colors to the material to fit your building’s application. Designers can decide between the look of aluminum, copper, zinc, or stainless steel colors depending on their style choices. 
  • They’re lightweight
    • A lot of common materials used for claddings can be heavy. ACM is about 2.5 pounds per square foot after it’s installed. This is relatively light in comparison to other options.
  • They’re eco-friendly
    • About 85% of the cladding consists of recycled materials when using ACM. This is great for companies that are interested in relying on as many greener options as possible when it comes to their designs.


What is ACM Material Compared to Polyurethane?

A common material used for cladding and awnings is polyurethane. When it comes to awning cladding choices, ACM is the better option over the more common polyurethane panels you might come across. There are several reasons for this:

  • Longer-lasting Color
    • When exposed to constant sunlight, the color of your cladding will eventually fade regardless of materials. ACM is treated with a high-quality powder finish to protect it. This means that even though it will still fade and require an update, it will last a longer time than PU. Polyurethane may be cheaper upfront, but it will require more frequent replacing over time, making ACM more economical in the long-run.
  • Better for the Environment
    • One great fact about ACM cladding is that it’s largely composed of recycled aluminum–a claim that PU cladding cannot make. Being so close to the ocean, we Florida locals can appreciate more attempts to stay green.
  • More Fire-Resistant
    • Polyurethane is highly combustible, and the flames that burn from it can consist of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. While PU can be treated to reduce this flammability, it does not remove it entirely. ACM cladding with fire-resistant cores can be significantly safer and much harder to catch fire.


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