What Is the Difference Between ACM & PU?

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Have you heard of ACM Cladding before? Cladding is the outer layer of your building’s exterior fixtures. It’s used primarily for added insulation and weather protection, but can also be decorative and enhance the space around your building. There are a wide range of materials you can choose from, such as polyurethane (also referred to as PU). We at Sundance Architectural Products LLC are one of best awning companies in Orlando and have helped many clients make the best choice when it comes to awning cladding materials. For us, we believe this is ACM, or an aluminum composite panel.



When it comes to awning cladding choices, ACM is the better option over other choices, especially the more common polyurethane panels you might come across. There are several reasons for this:

  • Longer-lasting Color
    • Especially here in sunny Orlando, cladding is exposed to constant sunlight every day. This means that the color will naturally fade over time, but ACM is treated with a high-quality powder finish to protect it. Polyurethane is cheaper upfront, but will require more frequent replacing over time, making ACM more economical in the long-run.
  • Better for the Environment
    • One great fact about ACM cladding is that it’s largely composed of recycled aluminum. About 85% of the cladding consists of recycled materials–a claim that PU cladding cannot make.
  • Better for Fire Safety
    • This is the biggest one. Polyurethane is highly combustible, and the resulting flames will consist of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. While these can be treated to reduce this flammability, it does not remove it entirely. ACM cladding with fire-resistant cores can be significantly more safe.


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