What You Should Expect Out Of Your Orlando Awning Company

orlando awning company in Orlando

Awnings are classic yet effective building features that are found everywhere across the nation. There are many reasons to invest in awnings for your own building if you don’t yet have any or are constructing a building. We at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC are an Orlando awning company that helps businesses in our area with the planning and installation of not just awnings but also canopies, wall panels, and other such products. We believe that the process of installing these products should be fast and simple, which is why we function as a one-stop-shop for all things involving architectural products. If you’re considering installing awnings, then we have a question for you: what should you expect from your awning company? If you aren’t sure of an answer, then let us help you out.


The Benefits of Awnings

If you aren’t quite sure whether or not awnings are right for your building, then let us shed some light on the benefits you’ll receive. For starters, the most immediate benefit of awnings is the cover they provide. Awnings extend the covered space of your establishment to provide protection from the weather or harsh sunlight. This gives your guests more comfort when approaching your building while also giving them a place to stand while they do things like make a phone call or wait for a rideshare.


Visually, awnings are a classic extension of your building and add a bit of visual diversity. This is important as it attracts the eyes of people passing by, and it’s why many businesses will invest in fabric awnings that have their name, logo, or brand printed onto the awning. Essentially, it can act as additional marketing. Lastly, having awnings over your windows can also be advantageous. The shade provided by window awnings means less sunlight magnifies through your windows and heats up your building. As a result, your AC won’t need to work as much to keep your building cool, and you’ll save some money.


What to Expect From an Orlando Awning Company

There are several places you can look into for an awning installation, but how do you know which is the right one to choose? Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can take a look at to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

  • A Strong Portfolio
    • Experience is a key way to see what kind of work you’ll receive from your awning company, and a portfolio will show you exactly that. See what kind of work this company has done, and you can also get a feel for their personal style and how it aligns with yours.
  • A Good Reputation
    • Listen to your community. A great way to get a feel for any business is through what others have had to say about them. Look through reviews, do some Google searching, and ask anyone you know who’s had work done by them to gauge their reputation.
  • Great Customer Service
    • Give the company a call and scope out their customer service. See how they interact with you, because if you don’t feel they’re taking care of you, then it might be worth investigating other options.


Contact Sundance Architectural Products, LLC for An Awning Installation

If you’re reading this blog to invest in awnings for your building, then we encourage you to check out our portfolio. We bring both functionality and aesthetic charm to all of our projects, and we would be elated to be your Orlando awning company. Contact us today for more information on getting started.