Which Metal Awning Option Should I Choose For My Design?

commercial metal awnings in orlando

Think about this. Imagine if a person is on the search for a new blouse for a corporate meeting they have the next day. When they are out on the search, they come upon two stores that are in the same shopping center. Both stores are aimed toward exactly what the individual is looking for. Out of the two shops, one has beautiful shrubs and flowers surrounding it, that are complemented with brightly painted exterior walls and commercial metal awnings. The other building has cracked painted walls, walkways, and a sun warned fabric. What store do you think they chose? Most likely they are headed toward option number one. At Sundance Architectural Products, we are here to make your business look esthetically pleasing to all who stumble across it. We are the best metal awning company in Orlando.

We Have Just What You Need

Sundance Architectural Products can design, engineer, and install a wide variety of metal awnings in many different styles including, flat walkway, gable walkway, radius walkway, gable style metal-clad cabanas, radius style metal-clad cabanas, hip style metal-clad cabanas, custom fascia, gable entrance awning, radius entrance awning, hip style entrance awning, extruded aluminum walkways, flat metal awning, dock style radius front, dock style flat front, as well as any custom style to meet your needs.

All framing for awnings is made using aluminum, whether it is a support column, support beam, or hanger rod, each member is specifically sized for the load requirements it needs to meet. The types include roll-formed coil stock known as standing seam, or we can use extruded aluminum pans. The awnings can be designed to control water through an internal gutter system that will collect and drain the water where needed. All awnings can be either powder coated or anodized for years of trouble-free service.

Commercial Metal Awnings We Offer

  • Standard Metal Awning  This is the traditional style of awning. The wedge-shaped design allows it to project up to 6 feet off the building without columns. The ends of the awning (wings) are covered or closed off to give additional protection from the elements. The bottom of the awning has a perimeter drip edge to control water runoff. This style can also be designed with a curved top or front for a unique look.
  • Bahama Style Metal Awning  This style has become very popular. It looks just like the standard style but the ends (wings) are left open.
  • Convex Style Metal Awning This type of awning design has a rolled front with flat ends (wings). The ends can be closed or left open like the Bahama Style awning.
  • Concave Style Metal Awning  Same design style as the Convex except for the body of the awning is curved inward instead of outward. It can also have the ends (wings) left open or closed.

Call The Best Awning Company Orlando

Give your business the benefit of shade with commercial metal awnings. You get a chance to beautify your business. Companies and industries across the country are already doing it, so why haven’t you? Since 1984 Sundance Architectural Products has been employing industry leaders dedicated to providing superior quality turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, and installation of commercial awnings, canopies, solar shade systems, and exterior metal wall panels. We are here for you! Call us today for more information. We are the best awning company Orlando.