Why is Powder Coating Done?

Powder coating is one of the great innovations that modern fabrication has to offer. It has many advantages and, more often, it is becoming a standard process for commercial metal awnings.

However, why is powder coating done? What does it do for the result of the project?

Sundance Architectural Products can help you understand why we implement powder coating as part of our fabrication process and how it leads to an excellent result.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a form of covering metal with color that does not use liquid paint. With conventional paint, you are applying an evaporating solvent onto the metal surface. This process can cause runs in the paint, and you typically have to apply many layers in order to get an adequate covering. Powder coating, by contrast, is a dry powder. It is applied through an electrostatic process and then subsequently cured under high heat. Powder coating is usually made out of a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. This allows it to develop a tough surface that is more durable than liquid paint. 

Powder coating is a three-step process that consists of pre-treatment, application, and curing. The pre-treatment process is critical in making sure that the application of the powder goes smoothly. During pre-treatment, the metal will be stripped of dirt, oil, and other surface impurities that will make it difficult for the powder coating to adhere properly. This cleaning process can be performed with chemical sprays or mechanical methods. At Sundance Architectural Products, we use a proprietary cleaning method that leaves the surface of the metal as sleek as possible to better bond the powder coating.

The next step of the process is the actual application. Application of powder coating is done with the use of an electrostatic gun. When metal is powder-coated, it is suspended and the magnetized powder is sprayed onto the metal, ensuring every inch is covered. Once that is completed, the powder coating is cured. This process relies heavily on specific timing, and it is something that can only be determined through careful precision. At Sundance Architectural Products, we have mastered this timing process.

Advantages of Powder Coating Commercial Metal Awnings

There are many advantages to utilizing powder coating when you are fabricating commercial metal awnings. One of these advantages is the fact that powder coating can result in much thicker coats than you would get with liquid paint. The other advantage that goes with this is that many layers of conventional paint can actually lead to sagging in the metal or running in the paint. With powder coating, you can get thicker layers and not have to deal with these distortions. 

Another advantage of powder coating is that powder coated commercial metal awnings are going to more consistent in appearance. This is because powder coating allows for the color to magnetically adhere to the metal which gives it a more even look. 

One final advantage that powder coating has over liquid paint is that the process of curing the powder coating is much faster than the process of curing paint. This is because there are special powder coatings that can be cured with ultraviolet light as well as thermosetting powder coatings that can be baked at a low temperature.

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At Sundance Architectural Products, we have been using powder coating for many years. That experience has allowed us to perfect our process. This is what sets us apart: our commitment to producing the highest quality commercial metal awnings. If you are interested in learning more about our products and our powder coating process, contact us today.